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Get started

  1. Download the SDK
  2. Copy the C# code example into Visual Studio
  3. Build your IP Camera project

Did you know?

Did you know, that this SDK was used to build Ozeki Camera Recorder?

If you don't want to write code, it could be just what you need. Download it now from the follolwing page: Download Ozeki Camera Recorder.

Download Ozeki Camera Recorder

How to setup your Onvif IP camera and display its image in your webbrowser

This video demonstrates how to setup an Onvif IP camera, which means the unboxing, building the hardware components and installing the software components. You will also learn how to get the necessary connection informations, like camera IP address and authentication data, that are essential to use the OZEKI Camera SDK.


Ozeki Camera Recorder

If you are not a developer, but you need a great software to view or record your camera, we recommend you to use Ozeki Camera Recorder. This is a great end user product, that allows you to control your cameras from a webbrowser. It's easy and great. You can download it from the following link: Download Ozeki Camera Recorder.

Download link:
Download Ozeki Camera Recorder for Windows

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