Video tutorial on what is Computer Vision

This video demonstrates what is Computer Vision and what is it used for. It describes why it is worth to use Ozeki Camera SDK for computer vision development. With the help of this SDK you can implement object detection, motion recognition, face recognition, OCR (optical character recognition) etc. in C#.

You can follow the video tutorial series, by starting with the first of them:

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following features will only work if your IP camera supports the given functionality. So please check the user manual of your IP camera to make sure it supports the feature that you wish to implement in C#.



Hello and welcome to the Ozeki Camera SDK video series on Computer Vision. This is the first video of our video series and it is about What is Computer Vision.

This is an ONVIF compliant SDK, which is easy to use and also it is an all purpose tool. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or you have experience in C# development, you will easily be able to implement the solutions presented in these videos with this Camera SDK.

This series will present the following topics:

  • What is Computer Vision?
  • Frame capture from camera
  • Motion recognition
  • Object detection
  • Object categorization

But now let's see the first video tutorial about the Computer Vision Technology. This will be an exciting video, I hope you will enjoy it.

First of all let's start with what is the presentation about?

This presentation demonstrates what Computer Vision is, what is this field good for and where can Computer Vision be used. Lots of exciting topics will be included in the presentation like face recognition, motion detection, barcode scanner or other solutions developed in C#.NET.

Let's begin with what the concept of Computer Vision is.

Computer vision is the science that aims to give the ability to computers to see and virtually sense the world. Basically Computer Vision makes computers see. Computer Vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images.

Now let's go on with the tasks of Computer Vision:

  • One of the tasks is recognition. With this task lines, corners or faces can be recognized on the image of the camera.
  • Another task is motion analysis where movements can be detected on the image of the camera.
  • The next one is scene reconstruction which makes 3D modeling possible.
  • And the last but not least is image restoration which enables you to remove the noise from the images.

Here are some of the many fields where Computer Vision is used like:

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Medical fields
  • Industrial automation
  • Gesture analyzing
  • Security and surveillance

Next I am going to talk about what Computer Vision is used for in these fields.

The first field is autonomous vehicles where Computer Vision is used for license plate recognition, navigation and real-time traffic management.

In medical fields they use Computer Vision for analyzing medical images or for monitoring patients and their behavior.

In industrial automation Computer Vision is used for control processing, industrial robots and quality inspection.

As I mentioned earlier gesture analyzing is one of the many fields where Computer Vision is used mainly for controlling computers or computer games.

In the field of security and surveillance Computer Vision is mainly used for monitoring systems, face recognition and even for fingerprint recognition.

Computer Vision has some great advantages:

It is economical, precise and repeatable. Furthermore it is also fast, tireless and it can be used in all kind of environments, even in dangerous ones.

Since the Camera SDK is ONVIF compliant, really easy to use and it is an all purpose tool, it is simple to implement solutions in Computer Vision with this software. You can find different guides, examples and free source codes on our website to many features for example:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Decision trees in C#
  • Barcode scanning from USB Camera
  • Motion detection
  • Frame capture from USB cam in C#
  • Image transformation in C#
  • Image masking in C#

If you liked this video and you wish to learn more about further great solutions provided by Ozeki Camera SDK then download the trial version from our website: and follow our tutorial videos. For more information check out our website and if you have any questions send us an email to the email address

In the next chapter you will see a step-by-step tutorial on how to create captured frames from an USB camera. Thank you for your attention I hope you enjoyed this video.

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