Introduction to OZEKI Camera SDK

OZEKI Camera SDK is a software development kit that allows you to build webcam and IP camera based solutions. It can handle USB cameras, RTSP, IP cameras, and Onvif IP cameras. It can be easily included in any software developed in .Net. Here you can find a detailed introduction of the OZEKI Camera SDK along with examples which you can use to develop any camera application that fits your needs.

How does Ozeki Camera SDK works with IP camera
Figure 1 - OZEKI Camera SDK with IP camera

OZEKI Camera SDK is based on Onvif standards so it is compatible with other standard based products. After downloading OZEKI Camera SDK you can create Onvif-based IP camera software, such as IP camera viewers, network video recorders, motion detectors, network video analytic systems, etc. in just a few minutes. It is really easy to incorporate OZEKI Camera SDK into your application.

Follow the links below to gain all the necessary knowledge to understand why OZEKI Camera SDK is your best choice if you are intended to develop IP camera applications. Check out how you can get the most out of your monitoring system without spending weeks creating long and complicated codes.

Ozeki Camera Recorder

If you are not a developer, but you need a great software to view or record your camera, we recommend you to use Ozeki Camera Recorder. This is a great end user product, that allows you to control your cameras from a webbrowser. It's easy and great. You can download it from the following link: Download Ozeki Camera Recorder.

Download link:
Download Ozeki Camera Recorder for Windows

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