C# Camera Video Tutorials

How to build a USB Web camera and IP camera viewer

Get visual training and learn how to implement a camera viewer in C#.NET effectively. The tutorials below explain briefly how to build a software that can be used to display the image of USB and IP cams as well. After studying the basics, Peter & David present how to improve your application with additional functionalites such as device discovery, motion detection, streaming to website or smartphone or even to a SIP video phone call, etc. Click 'Play' for watching.

what is onvif

This video demonstrates what is Onvif is and gives a short review why it is worth to use Ozeki Camera SDK for C# camera developments. It is the best place to start if you want to find out all about the Onvif specification and if you would like to learn more about the software development kit that supports this standard.

device discovery

This video shows how you can find / discover your IP camera on your local network and your USB camera on your PC by using C#. It helps you to connect to your camera and display its image efficiently. You will see how you can download Ozeki Camera SDK, then how you can integrate it into Visual Studio as a reference.

usb and ip camera viewer

This video presents how you can build your own basic camera viewer application in C#. Using this tutorial you can find out easily how to display the image of your USB webcams and IP cameras as well in the same software. This is the basic camera viewer application that will be used and improved in the following videos.

take snapshot

In this video you can learn how to take a snapshot from USB and IP cameras in C#. The code described in this chapter is the improvement of the code belonging to the basic USB webcam and IP camera viewer application. It has been extended with the snapshot taking functionality.

ptz motion control

If you have an IP camera that supports PTZ motion control, let's use this video guide to find out how to implement special Pan-Tilt-Zoom features in C# to get the most out of your device. This video presents how you can control your IP camera by panning horizontally, tilting vertically and zooming in to enlarge an object by using C#.

video recording

After watching this video tutorial, you will be fully familiar with all the things you need to do for creating a video recorder application in C#. The C# Onvif network video recorder software that has been built during this video can be used to record video from USB webcameras and IP cameras as well and to save the video file automatically on your PC.

motion detection

This video gives a little taste of Onvif network video analytics in C#. It demonstrates how you can detect any motion in the area that is under video surveillance monitored by USB or IP cameras. This camera functionality can be an essential part of your IP security system as it can be easily improved with alarm notification feature.

stream to smartphone

This video shows how you can build a camera server in C# and stream the image of USB / IP cameras to multiple locations. You will see how easy to watch the camera stream in for example RTSP streaming supported desktop applications (Windows Media Player, VLC) and on different mobile operation systems like Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

stream to website

Whether you are a businessman or a hobby video blogger, web-streaming can be a really effective part of your network. This video demonstrates how to stream the image of USB and IP cameras to website in C#. Due to this functionality, you will able to stream the camera image in different kind of web browsers without plugins and JavaScript codes.

stream to sip video call

This video lecture explains how to build an application that is able to call a SIP video phone using C#.NET and send the image and voice of your USB webcam or IP camera to the SIP video call. This feature allows you inter alia to make an alarm call to a SIP video phone and broadcast the IP camera image.

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