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Ozeki.Media Namespace
Public classAbstractMediaReceiverTData, TFormat
Public classAbstractMediaSenderTData, TFormat
Public classAbstractSDPFieldParserExtension
Public classACMAudioDataConverter
Converts audio from a specified AudioWaveFormat to another AudioWaveFormat.
Public classAggregatedACMConverter
Public classAMMediaType
Public classAnaglyphVideoHandler
MediaHandler class for stereoscopic 3D video handling
Public classAnswerMachineDetector
This class represents the methods that can determine if the call was answered by a person or an answering machine. The method uses the theory that a person answeres the call with some short words and then waits for the caller to introduce themselves, while the machine plays a relatively long prerecorded audio stream that has less silent periods between the words.
Public classAudioCaptureClient
Public classAudioClient
Core Audio IAudioClient wrapper
Public classAudioCodeWrapper
Public classAudioData
Provides data with format information for audio.
Public classAudioDataConverterFactory
Public classAudioDataReceivedArgs
Public classAudioDeviceInfo
Contains information about an audio device.
Public classAudioEndpointVolumeVolumeRange
Public classAudioFormat
Defines format information of audio data.
Public classAudioForwarder
Public classAudioHandler
Base class for audio handlers.
Public classAudioLogSource
Public classAudioMixer
Can mix audio from different sources.
Public classAudioMixerMediaHandler
Mixes the received audio data and sends the mixed data to a connected media handler.
Public classAudioQualityEnhancer
This class is for performing acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic gain control.
Public classAudioReceiver
Public classAudioRenderClient
Public classAudioSender
Public classAudioStreamPlayback
Can play audio from an audio file.
Public classAudioTypeHelper
Public classAudioWaveFormat
Represents a Wave file format
Public classAudioWriterConfig
Public classAVPlayer
Can play audio and video from an mp4, avi file.
Public classAVReader
Audio/Video reader
Public classBaseH263Codec
Public classBE_CONFIG
Public classBE_VERSION
Public classBitmapConverter
Public classBitmapInfo
Public classBitmapResizer
Public classBitmapSourceConverter
Converts InteropBitmap data type to an array of bytes, and an array of bytes to InteropBitmap.
Public classBitmapSourceProvider
Creates a BitmapSource object from received byte array.
Public classCalibrationData
Public classCameraSerializationT
Public classCameraURLBuilderAddWF
Public classCameraURLBuilderAddWPF
Interaction logic for CameraURLBuilderAddWPF.xaml
Public classCameraURLBuilderData
Public classCameraURLBuilderSettingWF
Public classCameraURLBuilderSettingWPF
Interaction logic for SettingWizardWPF.xaml
Public classCameraURLBuilderWF
Public classCameraURLBuilderWPF
Interaction logic for ConnectionWizardWPF.xaml
Public classCandidateAttribute
The candidate attribute is a media-level attribute only. It contains a transport address for a candidate that can be used for connectivity checks. a=candidate:...
Public classChannelConfigEx
A channelconfig publikus, viszont kintrol jo lenne, ha ezeket nem hivhatnak meg.
Public classChannelMediaStrategy
Normal behaviour for media strategy
Public classChannelStateChange
Provides information about changes made on a media channel of a phone call.
Public classCircularBufferStream
A very basic circular buffer implementation
Public classCodecDescription
Public classCodecDescriptionFactory
Public classCodecExtension
Public classCodecFactory
Public classCodecFactoryOpus
Public classCodecG711ALaw
Public classCodecG711uLaw
Public classCodecG722
Public classCodecG723
Public classCodecG726
Public classCodecG728
Public classCodecG729
Public classCodecGSM
Public classCodecH263
A szabvány szerint a másik félnek csak olyan méretű képet küldhetnénk, amit megadott az fmtp ben. Ha átméretezem a képet, akkor exception nel elszáll az X-Lite, Bria A képátméretező működik (teszteltem) Ha nem méretezem át, akkor nem szabványos a protokoll implementáció, de a 3CX softphone kivételével (nem jeleníti meg a képet csak ha QCIF, CIF felbontásban van a kamera) mindenhol működik
Public classCodecH263Plus
Public classCodecH264
Public classCodeciLBC
Public classCodecInfo
Provides information about a codec.
Public classCodecInfoEx
Public classCodecL16
Public classCodecMPEG4
Public classCodecPayloadTypeEx
Public classCodecSpeex
Public classCodecTypeEx
Public classCodecUtils Obsolete.
Public classColorData
Public classCommunicationModeHelper
Public classConnectionParser
Public classConverters
Public classCode exampleCryptoAttribute
Describes the cryptographic suite, key parameters, and session parameters for the preceding unicast media line. a=crypto:tag crypto-suite key-params [session-params]
Public classCryptoDescription
Public classDefaultSpeechToText
The default speech-to-text engine installed on the system.
Public classDefaultTextToSpeech
Public classDetectedArgs
Public classDetectedCameraArgs
Public classDeviceToListItemConverter
Public classDiscoverCameras
Public classDiscoveredDeviceArgs
Public classDistanceMeasurementHandler
Public classDmoAudioDataConverter
Public classDmoMediaBuffer
Public classDrawingImageConverter
Converts Image data type to an array of bytes, and an array of bytes to Image.
Public classDrawingImageProvider
Creates a Image object from received byte array.
Public classEchoFilter
Public classEventCallbackStrategy
Event alapu callback.
Public classExAudioFormat
Public classExDeviceInfo
Public classFilterCodecChannelInfo
Public classFilterCodecInfo
Public classFmtpAttribute
This attribute allows parameters that are specific to a particular format to be conveyed in a way that SDP does not have to understand them. a=fmtp:format format_specific_parameters
Public classFormat
Public classFPSCounter
Public classFrameCapture
Public classFrameCaptureFromFolder
It is a basic VideoSender which can parse picture files from a given folder, and send it in specific time interval. Supported picture file extensions: "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif", "tiff", "bmp".
Public classFrameRateHandler
This can change the framerate of the incoming video.
Public classFrequencyAnalizator
Public classFrequencyGenerator
Public classFrequencyToneDetector
Public classFrequencyToneGenerator
Public classGainControl
If the sound is low or very high, then you need to use this class to regulate the level of sound.
Public classGenericAudioReceiver
Public classGenericAudioSender
Public classGenericVideoReceiver
Public classGenericVideoSender
Public classGoogleLanguageExt
Public classGoogleTTS
Public classGuids
Public classH263Decoder
Public classH263Encoder
Public classH264Decoder
Public classH264Encoder
Public classH264ProfileEx
Public classH264VideoFormat
Public classHeadset
Public classIceOptionsAttribute
The "ice-options" attribute is a session-level attribute. It contains a series of tokens that identify the options supported by the agent. a=ice-options:ice-option-tag 0*(ice-option-tag)
Public classId3v2Tag
An ID3v2 Tag
Public classImageHelper
Public classImageManipulation
Public classImageMask
Public classImageProviderT
Media handler that creates image from received byte array.
Public classImageToByteArray
Public classInternalMediaProtocolEx
Public classInternalRTPPacketInfoEx
Public classInternalVideoDeviceInfo
Public classIPPCodecBase
Public classIPPEchoFilter
Public classJSClientHandler
Public classJSMicrophone
Public classJSSpeaker
Public classLame_encDll
Lame_enc DLL functions
Public classLameMP3FileWriter
MP3 encoding class, uses libmp3lame DLL to encode.
Public classLAMEVersion
LAME DLL version information
Public classLibMp3Lame
LAME interface class
Public classLinuxVideoCaptureDevice
Public classLocalOrigin
Public classManagedVADDetector
Public classManufacturerEx
Public classMediaBuffer
Public classMediaChannelConfig
Public classMediaChannelCreatedEventArgs
Public classMediaChannelDescription
Public classMediaChannelDescriptionEx
Public classMediaChannelInfo
Public classMediaChannelInfoFactory
Public classMediaChannelPair
Hívás során előforduló média csatorna pár.
Public classMediaConferenceTypeEx
Public classMediaConnector
Class for creating connections between media handling objects.
Public classMediaCryptoKeyParam
Public classMediaData
Provides information for media data.
Public classMediaDataReceivedEventArgs
Provides data for media data received events.
Public classMediaDescription
Public classMediaDescriptionChangeEventArgs
Public classMediaDescriptionCompareResult
Public classMediaDescriptionEx
Public classMediaDescriptionFactory
Public classMediaDescriptionHelper
Public classMediaLogSource
Public classMediaObjectSizeInfo
Media Object Size Info
Public classMediaOrientationEx
Public classMediaPacket
Public classMediaSession
Public classMediaSessionFactory
Public classMediaStrategy
Normal behaviour for media strategy
Public classMediaStreamReceiver
Public classMediaStreamSender
Public classMediaTypeHelper
Public classMicrophone
Class for capturing audio data with microphone.
Public classMJPEGConnection
Initializes an object, which can be connected to an MJPEG Streamer.
Public classMJPEGStreamConnection
Public classMJPEGStreamContainer
Public classMJPEGStreamer
Public classMJPEGVideoStream
Public classMMDevice
Public classMMDeviceCollection
Public classMMDeviceEnumerator
Public classMotionDetectionEvent
Public classMotionDetector
Public classMp3AudioWaveFormat
MP3 AudioWaveFormat, MPEGLAYER3WAVEFORMAT from mmreg.h
Public classMp3DataConverter
Converts MP3 to WAV
Public classMp3FileReader
Class for reading from MP3 files
Public classMp3Frame
Represents an MP3 Frame
Public classMP3StreamPlayback
Can play audio from an MP3 file.
Public classMP3StreamRecorder
Public classMp3WriterConfig
Config information for MP3 writer
Public classMPEG4Decoder
Public classMPEG4LogSource
Public classMPEG4Recorder
Public classMPEG4Writer
Public classNativeMP3Decompressor
Public classNativeMP3Writer
Public classNoConverter
Public classOGGDecodeArgs
Public classOGGStreamPlayback
Can play audio from an OGG file.
Public classOGGVorbisReader
Public classOpusAudioEventRaiser
Public classOpusCodec
Public classOrigin
The Origin gives the originator of the session (her username and the address of the user's host) plus a session identifier and version number.
Public classOriginEx
Public classOzBayerFilter
Public classOzBrightnessCorrection
Public classOzChannelFiltering
Public classOzConf_MJPEGStreamServer
Public classOzConf_WebmStreamer
Public classOzContrastCorrection
Public classOzGammaCorrection
Public classOzGrayscale
Public classOzHistogramEqualization
Public classOzHueModifier
Public classOzIntRange
Public classOzInvert
Public classOzJitter
Public classOzJSHandlerMessage
Public classOzMirror
Public classOzMJPEGClient_Config
Public classOzNativeMediaWriter
Public classOzPixellate
Public classOzRange
Public classOzRotate
Public classOzRotateChannels
Public classOzSaltAndPepperNoise
Public classOzSaturationCorrection
Public classOzSepia
Public classOzSharpen
Public classOzSimplePostarization
Public classOzWaterWave
Public classOzYbCrFiltering
Public classOzYCbCr
Public classPayloadTypeChangedEventArgs
Public classPortAudioIn
Public classPortAudioInFactory
Public classPortAudioOut
Public classPortAudioOutFactory
Public classPropertyKeys
Property Keys
Public classPropertyStore
Public classPropertyStoreProperty
Public classQueuedMediaBuffer
Public classRangeChangedEventHandler
Public classRawFileReader
Public classRawRecorder
Records the raw PCM data.
Public classRawStreamPlayback
Can play raw audio files.
Public classReferenceArgs
Public classRemoteCandidatesAttribute
Provides the identity of the remote candidates that the offerer wishes the answerer to use in its answer.
Public classResampler
DMO resampler
Public classResolution
Public classRTPLogSource
Public classCode exampleRtpmapAttribute
This attribute maps from an RTP payload type number (as used in an "m=" line) to an encoding name denoting the payload format to be used. It also provides information on the clock rate and encoding parameters. a=rtpmap:payload_type encoding_name/clock_rate [/encoding_parameters]
Public classRTPPacket
Public classRTPPacketArgs
Public classRTPPacketInfo
Contains data about an RTP packet.
Public classScreenCapture
Description of DesktopCapture.
Public classScreenCaptureArgs
Public classSDP4566Parser
Public classSDPAttribute
Attributes are the primary means for extending SDP. Attributes may be defined to be used as "session-level" attributes, "media-level" attributes, or both. a=attribute a=attribute:value
Public classSDPBandwidth
Public classSDPConnection
Contains connection data.
Public classSDPConnectionAddress
Public classSDPEmail
Specify contact information for the person responsible for the conference
Public classSDPFactory
Public classSDPField
Public classSDPICEAttributeFactory
Public classSDPInformation
Public classSDPKey
Public classSDPMedia
Public classSDPMediaDescription
Public classSDPMediaTypeEx
Public classSDPMessage
Public classSDPMessageEx
Public classSDPOrigin
Gives the originator of the session (her username and the address of the user's host) plus a session identifier and version number.
Public classSDPParserEx
Szálbiztos változat
Public classSDPPhoneNumber
Public classSDPRepeated
Public classSDPSessionName
Public classSDPTime
Specify the start and stop times for a session
Public classSDPTimeData
Public classSDPUri
Public classSelectableCodecManager
Public classSessionAttribute
Public classSnapshot
Public classSnapshotEx
Public classSnapshotHandler
Public classSpeaker
Class for playing audio through speakers.
Public classSpeakPositionChangedEventArgs
Public classSpeechDetectionEventArgs
Public classSpeechRecognizerInfo
Contains information about a speech recognizer.
Public classSpeechToText
Base class for Speech-to-text.
Public classSpeechToTextContinuous
Can recognize words from an audio stream. The engine detects words real-time, but the detection is a bit inacurate.
Public classSpeechToTextVAD
Can recognize words from an audio stream. The engine uses VAD for word detection.
Public classSpeexConverter
Public classSpeexPreprocessor
Public classStereoMixer
MediaHandler, which is able to create stereo audio from two different audio sources.
Public classStreamConverter
Can write a stream to another stream and converting its format.
Public classSuportedWaveFormatExt
Public classTampering
Public classTamperValueArgs
Public classTextOverlay
Public classTextToSpeech
Can convert text input to audio data.
Public classTimeMapper
A belső, másodperces időskála és az egyéb különböző időskálák közötti megfeleltetést biztosítja valósidejű streameknél. Kívülről beérkezett adat (ExternalTime) első időpontja az aktuális rendszeridőhöz lesz rendelve, a további időpontok ebből számolódnak. Ez azért kell, hogy az A-V szinkronizálás biztosítva legyen akkor is, ha valósidőben érkezik az adat, és pl. a video később lesz elindítva.
Public classTimerBasedMediaHandler
Base class for timer based media handlers. Contains a built-in timer that ticks periodically when the interval has elapsed.
Public classTimerBasedMediaStreamHandler
Base class for timer based media stream handlers. Contains a built-in timer that ticks periodically when the interval has elapsed.
Public classTripwire
Public classTripwireLine
Public classTripwireMotionCrossedArgs
Public classTripwireMotionDetectedArgs
Public classTripwirePositionChangeArgs
Public classTypedTime
Public classURLConverter
Public classVADDetector
Public classVADFilter
Class for filtering silence in the received media data.
Public classVideoCapabilities
Provides information about the supported resolutions and frame rates for a video device.
Public classVideoCaptureDevice
Can capture image from webcamera
Public classVideoCaptureEventArgs
Public classVideoCodecConfig
Public classVideoCodecConverter
Public classVideoConcat
Public classVideoData
Provides data with format information for audio.
Public classVideoDeviceInfo
Provides information about a video capturing device.
Public classVideoDeviceInfoEx
This class stores methods that can transform between VideoDeviceInfo and InternalVideoDeviceInfo objects
Public classVideoDispatcher
Public classVideoFormat
Defines format information of video data.
Public classVideoFormatSelector
Public classVideoForwarder
Public classVideoHandler
Base class for video handlers.
Public classVideoInterop
Public classVideoLogSource
Public classVideoQualityConverter
Converts video quality to video format parameters.
Public classVideoReceiver
Public classVideoResizer
Public classVideoSender
Public classVideoTypeHelper
Public classVideoViewerWF
Represents a Windows Control to display video.
Public classVideoViewerWPF
Public classViewMatrix
Public classVirtualPortAudioIn
Public classVoiceInfo
Public classVoIPEventArgsT
Provides data for VoIP SIP SDK events to handle events with type parameters easily.
Public classVolumeControl
Public classVP8Encoder
Public classVP8VideoEventRaiser
Public classWasapiHelper
Public classWasapiOutBase
WASAPI output base class.
Public classWasapiOutFactory
Public classWasapiOutThreaded
WASAPI output class using Thread sleep
Public classWasapiOutWaitHandle
WASAPI output class using WaitHandles
Public classWatermarkHandler
Public classWaveFileReader
Can read audio data from a .wav file.
Public classWaveFileStream
Represents the base class from which the audio file reader and writer classes derive.
Public classWaveFileWriter
Writes audio data to a .wav file.
Public classWaveFormat
The AudioWaveFormat structure defines the format of waveform-audio data. Only format information common to all waveform-audio data formats is included in this structure. For formats that require additional information, this structure is included as the first member in another structure, along with the additional information.
Public classWaveFormatEx
Provides extension methods for the AudioFormat and WaveFormat classes.
Public classWaveFormatExtensible
The WaveFormatExtensible structure defines the format of waveform-audio data for formats having more than two channels.
Public classWaveFormInFactory
Public classWaveFormOutFactory
Public classWaveformParams
Public classWaveIn
Public classWaveInBase
Provides an interface for capturing audio data.
Public classWaveInDataEventArgs
Provides data for the IWaveIn.DataAvailable event.
Public classWaveInDeviceHelper
Public classWaveInFactory
Public classWaveOutBase
Provides an interface for audio data playback.
Public classWaveOutBuffer
A buffer of Wave samples for streaming to a Wave Output device
Public classWaveOutDeviceHelper
Public classWaveOutEventPlayer
Event callback based audio player.
Public classWaveOutFactory
Public classWaveOutPlayer
Public classWaveStreamPlayback
Can play audio from a wave file.
Public classWaveStreamRecorder
Can record audio data into a wave file.
Public classWebMStreamClient
Public classWebMStreamer
Public classWebMWriter
Public classXingHeader
Represents a Xing VBR header
Public classZoneAdjustmentPair
Public classZoneAdjustments
Public classZoom
Public structureACC
Public structureBitmapInfoHeader
Public structureDmoMediaType
This structure describes the format of the data used by a stream in a DirectX DMO. This structure is identical to the Microsoft DirectShow AM_MEDIA_TYPE structure.
Public structureDmoOutputDataBuffer
This structure describes an output buffer used by a DirectX DMO.
Public structureJitterBufferPacket
Represents the container for one packte in the buffer.
Public structureLHV1
Public structureMP3
Public structurePortAudioDeviceInfo
Public structurePropertyKey
Specifies the FMTID/PID identifier that programmatically identifies a property.
Public structurePropVariant
from Propidl.h. contains a union so we have to do an explicit layout
Public interfaceIAMCopyCaptureFileProgress
Public interfaceIAudioClient
Public interfaceIAudioControl
Audio Control interface
Public interfaceIAudioDataConverter
Public interfaceIAudioDecoder
Public interfaceIAudioEncoder
Public interfaceIAudioReceiver
Public interfaceIAudioSender
Public interfaceICodec
Public interfaceICodecFactory
Public interfaceICodecFactoryManager
Public interfaceIDmoMediaBuffer
This interface provides methods for manipulating a data buffer. Any buffer passed to a Microsoft DirectX Media Object (DMO) must implement this interface.
Public interfaceIEnumMediaTypes
Public interfaceIFileSinkFilter
Public interfaceIFilter
Public interfaceIImageProviderT
The interface that should be implemented by image providers
Public interfaceIKsPropertySet
Public interfaceIMedia
Public interfaceIMediaBuffer
Public interfaceIMediaChannel
Represents a channel on which the media data will flow.
Public interfaceIMediaChannelFactory
Public interfaceIMediaChannelInfoFactory
Public interfaceIMediaConnector
Public interfaceIMediaControl
Public interfaceIMediaDescriptionFactory
Public interfaceIMediaPacketTypeFactory
Public interfaceIMediaReceiverTData, TFormat
Defines members for media receivers.
Public interfaceIMediaSample
Public interfaceIMediaSenderTData, TFormat
Defines members for media senders.
Public interfaceIMediaSession
Public interfaceIMediaSessionFactory
Public interfaceIMediaStrategy
Public interfaceIMicrophone
Public interfaceIMMNotificationClient
Public interfaceIReferenceClock
Public interfaceIRTPTransportLayer
Public interfaceISDPCodecDescriptionFactory
Public interfaceISDPFactory
Public interfaceISDPPacketDataPrinter
Public interfaceISDPParser
Public interfaceISpeaker
Public interfaceISpeechToText
Interface for speech-to-text engine.
Public interfaceITextToSpeech
Interface for text-to-speech engine.
Public interfaceIVADDetector
Public interfaceIVideoCaptureDevice
Public interfaceIVideoCodecConfigurable
Public interfaceIVideoDecoder
Public interfaceIVideoEncoder
Public interfaceIVideoReceiver
Public interfaceIVideoSender
Public interfaceIWaveCallbackStrategy
Public interfaceIWaveIn
Interface for audio recording
Public interfaceIWaveInFactory
Public interfaceIWaveOut
Interface for audio playback
Public interfaceIWaveOutFactory
Public enumerationAnaglyphAlgorithm
Represents the stereoscopic effect type for 3D video streaming.
Public enumerationAnswerMachineDetectionResult
Public enumerationASMOptimizations
Assembler optimizations
Public enumerationAudioApi
Defines API types for handling native audio resources.
Public enumerationAudioClientBufferFlags
Defines flags that indicate the status of an audio endpoint buffer.
Public enumerationAudioClientReturnCodes
Public enumerationAudioClientSessionFlags
Characteristics of an audio session associated with the stream.
Public enumerationAudioClientShareMode
Defines constants that indicate whether an audio stream will run in shared mode or in exclusive mode.
Public enumerationAudioClientStreamFlags
Specifies characteristics that a client can assign to an audio stream during the initialization of the stream.
Public enumerationAudioConverterType
Defines API types for audio resampling.
Public enumerationAudioLogCodes
Public enumerationAudioType
Defines types for audio data.
Public enumerationBandwidthType
Public enumerationCaptureState
Specifies the states of a capture.
Public enumerationChannelMode
Channel Mode
Public enumerationChannelState
Specifies the current state of a media channel.
Public enumerationCodecMediaType
Codec type enumeration.
Public enumerationCodecPayloadType
Public enumerationCommunicationMode
Public enumerationDeviceState
The DEVICE_STATE_XXX constants indicate the current state of an audio endpoint device.
Public enumerationDeviceType
Specifies the types of the audio devices
Public enumerationDiscoverDeviceType
Defines camera devices type filter for CameraURLBuilder
Public enumerationDmoInputDataBufferFlags
This enumerated type defines flags that describe an input buffer.
Public enumerationDmoOutputDataBufferFlags
This enumerated type defines flags that describe an output buffer.
Public enumerationDmoProcessOutputFlags
This enumerated type defines flags that specify output processing requests.
Public enumerationEDataFlow
The EDataFlow enumeration defines constants that indicate the direction in which audio data flows between an audio endpoint device and an application.
Public enumerationERole
The ERole enumeration defines constants that indicate the role that the system has assigned to an audio endpoint device.
Public enumerationEventCode
Public enumerationFlipMode
Defines constants for flipping an image at render time.
Public enumerationFrameStretch
Public enumerationGoogleLanguage
Public enumerationH264Profile
Public enumerationHighlightMotion
Highlith motion type
Public enumerationIppAecAdaptationMode
Defines values determining how fast will the echo canceller adopt.
Public enumerationIppAecAlgorithmType
Public enumerationIppAecNoiseReductionLevel
Noise mitigation level enumeration.
Public enumerationIppAecNoiseReductionSmoothing
Public enumerationKeyMethod
Public enumerationKSPropertySupport
Public enumerationLAME_QUALITY_PRESET
Public enumerationLAMEPreset
LAME encoding presets
Public enumerationManufacturers
Public enumerationMaskOption
Public enumerationMediaBufferType
Defines media buffering methods.
Public enumerationMediaConferenceType
Public enumerationMediaLogCodes
Public enumerationMediaOrientation
Public enumerationMediaPacketType
Defines packet types for media data.
Public enumerationMediaProtocol
Defines protocol types for sending and receiving media data.
Public enumerationMediaType
Defines types for media data.
Public enumerationMMResult
Public enumerationMotionColor
Public enumerationMp3WaveFormatId
Wave Format ID
Public enumerationMPEG4LogCodes
Public enumerationMpegLayer
MPEG Layer flags
Public enumerationMpegMode
Public enumerationMPEGMode
MPEG channel mode
Public enumerationMpegVersion
MPEG Version Flags
Public enumerationMPEGVersion
MPEG wrapper version
Public enumerationNoiseReductionLevel
Noise mitigation level enumeration.
Public enumerationOzJSHandlerCommand
Public enumerationPlaybackState
Specifies the states of a playback.
Public enumerationPosterizationFillingType
Public enumerationRTPLogEventCodes
Public enumerationScreenCaptureFPS
Public enumerationScreenCaptureMode
Public enumerationSDPAttributeType
Public enumerationSDPMediaType
Public enumerationSentVideoResolutionMode
Defines resolution settings for outgoing video streams.
Public enumerationSupportedWaveFormat
Defines constants for the supported wave formats for WaveIn and WaveOut capabilities
Public enumerationTextOverlayPosition
Property to set the horizontal and vertical position of Text
Public enumerationTimeUnit
Public enumerationTripwireLinePosition
Public enumerationVBRMETHOD
Public enumerationVBRMode
Variable BitRate Mode
Public enumerationVideoControlFlags
From VideoControlFlags
Public enumerationVideoLogCodes
Public enumerationVideoQuality
Specifies video quality options
Public enumerationVideoType
Public enumerationWatermarkAnchor
Public enumerationWaveCallbackStrategy
Public enumerationWaveFormatEncoding
Summary description for WaveFormatEncoding.
Public enumerationWaveFormats
Defines constants for the available wave formats.
Public enumerationWordDetectionMode
Specifies detection modes for speech-to-text engine.
Public enumerationZoomDirection