Tutorial 13:

How to implement Object detection in C#

In this tutorial you can learn how to write such codes in C#, which handle an IP camera using Ozeki Camera SDK.

These lectures cover the object detection functionalities of the Ozeki Camera SDK. After reading through these guides you will be fully familiar with the different fields of object detection such as line detection, circle detection, edge detection or even corner detection.

You can find clear explanation (including code snippets and GUI screenshots) for every examples related to the functionalities mentioned above. The full source code of each example project can be downloaded and the FAQ section gives answers for the most commonly asked questions.

Lecture 1: Line detection in C#

These lectures will guide you through all information which you need to know to implement line detection successfully. Start now

Lecture 2: Circle detection in C#

On this webpage you will find all the needed information to satisfy your curiosity on the subject of implementing circle detection. Start now

Lecture 3: Edge detection in C#

To achieve your goals with edge detection in C# please read the following guide which provides you detailed information on this function. Start now

Lecture 4: Corner detection in C#

The following guide presents all information you need to know to successfully implement corner detection. Start now

Lecture 5: Face detection in C#

Find out more about how to use Ozeki Camera SDK to be able to implement a face detector application in C#.NET. Start now

Lecture 6: Rectangle detection in C#

This lecture is meant to be a step-by-step guide on how to detect rectangular shapes in C# by using a USB webcam. Start now

Lecture 7: Measure object width in C#

This lecture shows you how to measure an object's width in C# by using a USB camera. Start now

Lecture 8: Motion detector in C#

This lecture leads you to learn how to implement motion detection in C#. Start now

Lecture 9: Object tracking in C#

There is a solution to track objects in C#. You can learn it right through this web page. Start now

Lecture 10: SURF function in C#

With the help of this web page, you can find out how to use SURF in C#. Start now

Lecture 11: Color detection in C#

With the help of this web page, you can find out how to filter and track colors in C#. Start now