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Webcam / IP camera tutorials in C#.Net

IP video camera viewer example in C#

How to display an USB camera, RTSP camera or Onvif IP camera picture in your C# program and setup its quality. Read more about IP video camera viewer

PTZ IP camera control tutorial in C#

Learn about how to adjust IP camera angles (pan horizontally, tilt vertically) and how to zoom/unzoom even remotely. Read more about PTZ camera control

Onvif network video recorder example in C#

How to build an IP video camera stream recorder and how to implement a Network Video Storage system in C#. Read more about Onvif Network Video Recorder

IP camera motion detection turorial in C#

How to implement motion detection and how to handle alarms by creating a snapshot or a video recording in C#. Read more about IP camera motion detection

IP camera to VoIP video phone call in C#

Find out how to forward Onvif IP camera stream to a SIP video call and how to make a call to a video phone. Read more about IP camera to SIP video call

Configure Onvif IP cameras remotely

Study how to get detailed IP camera information and capabilities, how to configure your Onvif IP camera remotely. Read more about IP camera remote control

Onvif IP camera video server

Turn USB camera or RTSP camera into Onvif IP camera, how to send video to mobiles or multiple locations. Read more about Onvif IP camera video server

IP camera stream on a Website

This article demonstrates how to display live (or captured still) Onvif IP camera image as Flash video on a website. Read more about Onvif to Flash video

Onvif Network Video Analytics (NVA)

Build video analytics solutions such as number plate recognition, object counting, loitering or tripwire in C#.Net. Read about Onvif Network Video Analytics

Onvif IP Camera Manager

Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program is free to use. You can download the source code and modify it freely. Onvif IP Camera Manager demo

Outstanding compatibility


Supported cameras

Almost all manufacturers' IP cameras are supported by OZEKI Camera SDK. Take a look at the full list:

  • Bosch
  • Canon
  • Cisco
  • DLink
  • JVC
  • LG
  • Linksys
  • Logitech


Supported codecs and protocols

Check the list of codecs and protocols supported by OZEKI Camera SDK Onvif camera software:

  • RTSP
  • SDP
  • SIP
  • RTP
  • RTCP
  • UDP
  • g711
  • g726
  • h264
  • mp4v-es


Ozeki Camera SDK prerequisites

Check the essential hardware and software requirements for OZEKI Camera SDK installation:

  • 3 GHz or faster processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space
  • OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, 201X
  • MS Visual Studio 201x + .Net Framework 3.5/4.0/4.5

Ozeki Camera SDK contents

Ozeki Camera SDK comes with a redistributable DLL.
Redistributable .DLL

You can download and use OZEKI Camera SDK, but you can also build your own Onvif IP camera, IP camera, Webcam software in C# and redistribute them with the outstanding camera support without any extra fee. Just add the .DLL file to the references and start to build your solutions. Do not hesitate, download the OZEKI Camera SDK!

Ozeki Camera SDK provides many C#.Net example projects.
10 example projects

OZEKI Camera SDK camera software provides several example programs in C# for all the possible Onvif IP camera, IP camera, Webcam purposes. All these projects are installed on your computer automatically with OZEKI Camera SDK but you can also download them from the developers guide with detailed C#-based step-by-step tutorials.

Free Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program.
Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program

One of the greatest advantages of this Onvif camera software is that you can develop programs such as the Ozeki Demo Onvif IP Camera manager. This demo program can be used for free and it can be redistributed. You can also download and modify the source code as you wish. Learn more about Ozeki Demo Onvif IP Camera manager.

Complete software documentation (reference book).
Documentation (reference book)

OZEKI Camera SDK provides a comprehensive documentation that contains standard API documentation and online developers guide for all the possible Onvif IP camera, IP camera, Webcam solutions that can be built with this Onvif camera software. This documentation describs all the tools you can use in your application.

Ozeki License Manager to get rid of limitations.

When you have decided to switch to the full version of OZEKI Camera SDK, you will receive your license key via email. You do not need to download a new instance of the OZEKI Camera SDK as the trial version also contains the License Manager that will be used for the activation process.

OZEKI Camera SDK interface
Screenshot about Ozeki Camera SDK.
Screenshot about Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program.

Computer vision

Capture frames from a video stream in C#
1. Frame capture from video
stream in C#

The following guide will help you to accomplish frame capture from a video stream for implementing image analysis.
Find more about frame capture

How to create a video stream from captured images
2. Video stream from captured
frames in C#

This guide will help you in the subject of displaying images as a video until a new image is injected into the video stream.
More about creating video stream

How to implement image masking in C#
3. Image filters on captured video
frames in C#

In this guide you will find detailed information on how to select an area of interest on a captured video frame with a bitmap image.
Find more about image masking

How to implement line detection in C#
4. Line detection in C#

This lecture provides you all the necessary information to successfully implement line detection in C# with the Ozeki Camera SDK.
Find more about line detection

How to develop circle detection in C#
5. Circle detection in C#

Discover how easy the implementation of circle detection can be with your C# camera application using the Ozeki Camera SDK.
More about circle detection

How to develop edge detection in C#
6. Edge detection in C#

Wondering about implementing edge detection in C#? Look at the guide below and you will easily benefit from the edge detection function of the Ozeki Camera SDK.
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How to implement barcode/QR code reading in C#
7. Barcode/QR code detection
in C#

If you wish to gain more information on how to implement Barcode/QR code detection in C#, look at his guide.
More about barcode/QR code

How to implement corner detection in C#
8. Corner detection in C#

If you wish to discover the subject of corner detection with your C# camera application, using the Ozeki Camera SDK, please follow this guide below.
More about corner detection

How to develop face detection in C#
9. Face detection in C#

This guide will be your effective help in implementing face detection successfully with your C# camera application using the Ozeki Camera SDK.
More about face detection

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