Tutorial 10:

How to implement an Onvif IP Camera Manager in C#

In this tutorial you can learn more about how to write such codes in C#, which handle an IP camera using Ozeki Camera SDK. These lectures cover how you can discover an IP camera on the network and how you can connect to it remotely. Furthermore, you can download, try out and freely modify our Onvif-based IP Camera Manager demo program.

You can find clear explanation (including code snippets and GUI screenshots) for every examples related to the functionalities mentioned above. The full source code of each example project can be downloaded and the FAQ section gives answers for the most commonly asked questions.

Lecture 1: Discover IP cameras on LAN in C#R />

Study how to discover Onvif IP cameras on your local network and how to indicate their name, IP address and type. Start now

Lecture 2: Discover on remote networks in C#

Get to know how to discover Onvif IP cameras on remote networks and how to display basic data about the detected IP cameras. Start now

Lecture 3: Connect to remote IP camera in C#

After reading through this lecture, you can find out how to connect to a remote IP camera manually by URL. Start now

Lecture 4: Screenshots

Ozeki Onvif IP Camera Manager comes with a flexible Graphical User Interface. Here you can find some images about its GUI. Start now

Lecture 5: Exe demo

Download this example project as a demo program! This demo Onvif IP Camera Manager is free to use and redistribute. Start now

Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program can be obtained by clicking here:
Download Ozeki Onvif IP Camera Manager