How to implement simple decision making in C#

From the following article you can learn how to implement simple decision making with your C# camera application using the Ozeki Camera SDK. First of all, Ozeki Camera SDK has to be installed and a reference to OzekiSDK.dll has to be added to your Visual Studio project.

simple decision making in c#
Figure 1 - Simple decision making

Important: you should study this article in order to find out how to setup your Windows Forms Application correctly.

Getting started

To get started it is recomended to Download and Install the latest version of Ozeki Camera SDK. After installation you can find the example code discussed in this page with full source code in the following location on your harddisk:

Download Ozeki Camera SDK:
Windows forms version: C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SDK\\Examples\Other\Camera_Viewer_Connect_USB_WF\
WPF version: C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SDK\\Examples\Other\Camera_Viewer_Connect_USB_WPF\

To compile this example you will need Microsoft Visual Studio installed on your computer.

Corporate use of simple decision making

You can have a large benefit from the simple decision making function in the world of computer vision. With the help of the simple decision making function you will be able to easily implement the separation of large number of items and tools.

Decision making can be used in selecting items effectively. With the help of the simple decision making you can store the items/tools/data in two different groups without substantial physical investment.

Simple decision making plays a huge role in management and is a huge part of any process of implementation in every business solutions.


On this webpage you can find information on how to achieve simple decision making in C# using the Ozeki Camera SDK.

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Below you can find the answers for the most frequently asked questions related to this topic:

  1. What kind of developer environment is needed?

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
    • Internet connection
  2. How can I get the URL of the camera?

    You can get the URL from the producer of the camera.

  3. I have not managed to build the solution. How to solve it?

    • Please set the Target framework property of the project to .NET 4.0.
    • You should add the OzekiSDK.dll to the references of the solution.
    • Please import the missing classes.

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