Introduction to Ozeki Camera SDK

Ozeki Camera SDK is a software development kit that makes it possible for you to build Onvif-based IP camera solutions in order to improve your monitoring system. It can be easily included in any software developed in .NET and is under constant improvement by our company. The current version is fully documented and includes many examples to help you developing your own solutions.

how ozeki camera sdk works
Figure 1 - How Ozeki Camera SDK works

Ozeki Camera SDK is based on Onvif standards so it is compatible with other Onvif standardized products. After downloading the Ozeki Camera SDK you can create Onvif-based IP camera softwares within minutes, be it an IP camera viewer, a network video recorder, a motion detector or anything else. It is really easy to incorporate Ozeki Camera SDK into your application. You just need to follow these simple configuration steps to get started.

Follow these quick steps to make your IP Camera application instantly!

  1. Create a project in Visual Studio 2010 (or newer IDE).
  2. Download and install Ozeki Camera SDK.
  3. Select Add reference option and add OzekiSDK.dll.
    Important: If you wish to create a WPF-based application, you will need to add the System.Drawing.dll as well.
  4. Connect your own IP camera from your application.

That's easy! Try it now...

Outstanding functionalities...

The following examples demonstrate how you can use Ozeki Camera SDK to improve your monitoring system by building some useful IP camera solution like these:

In Codecs section you can find the list of supported codecs.


Ozeki Camera SDK comes with all the necessary components to provide seamless and efficient Onvif services. Without spending time learning Onvif basics you can instantly start your project and boost the benefits of Onvif technology in your application. Start now in seconds and get a ready-to-use SDK! Download Ozeki Camera SDK and start to create your application!

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