Ozeki Camera SDK Package Contents

Ozeki Camera SDK makes your work more efficient by providing a great pack of well selected technologies, with a number of professional tools, examples and documentation. Ozeki Camera SDK is the best solution for all your IP Camera issues. Check the package contents below to see what extraordinary support you get by simply downloading Ozeki Camera SDK.

ozeki kamera sdk package contents
Figure 1 - Ozeki Camera SDK Package Contents

Redistributable .DLL

You can not only download and use Ozeki Camera SDK, you can build your own IP Camera solutions and redistribute them with the outstanding Ozeki IP Camera support without any extra fee.

Ozeki Camera SDK can be obtained
by clicking the download link below:
Download Ozeki Camera SDK!

10 example projects

When you download and install Ozeki Camera SDK, you get a number of example programs for all the possible IP Camera purposes. The Ozeki SDK also gives you detailed documentation to all the example projects too.

All these projects are installed on your computer with the Ozeki SDK but you can also download and use any of them from the developers guide documentation pages.

  1. How to create an IP video camera viewer in C#
  2. How to implement PTZ IP camera motion control in C#
  3. How to create an Onvif network video recorder in C#
  4. How to build motion detection and alarm system in C#
  5. How to send IP camera stream to SIP video call in C#
  6. How to configure your Onvif IP camera remotely in C#
  7. How to implement an Onvif IP camera server using C#
  8. How to display IP camera stream on a website in C#
  9. How to implement Onvif Network Video Analytics in C#
  10. How to implement an Onvif IP Camera Manager in C#

Onvif IP Camera Manager demo program

Let's start with the best! One of the greatest advantages of Ozeki Camera SDK is that you can develop programs such as Ozeki Demo Onvif IP Camera manager. This demo is free to use and redistribute, you can also download the source code and modify it freely for your purposes.


  1. IP Video camera viewer functionality
  2. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera motion control
  3. Network video recording
  4. IP camera motion detection
  5. IP camera's stream to SIP Video call
  6. Onvif IP camera configuration remotely
  7. IP camera server solution
  8. IP camera stream on website
  9. Network Video Analytics
Ozeki Demo Onvif IP Camera Manager can be obtained by
clicking on the link here:
Download Onvif IP Camera Manager Demo Application!

Documentation (reference book)

Ozeki Camera SDK provides a comprehensive documentation that contains standard API documentation and online developers guide for all the possible IP Camera solutions that can be built with the SDK.

License manager

When you have purchased an Ozeki Camera SDK license, you will get your license key via email. You do not need to download a new instance of the Ozeki SDK as the trial version also contains the License Manager that will be used for the activation process.

You can see a detailed guide about the usage of the license manager in the Product activation guide. You will see how easy it is to activate your SDK and after the activation process you can use the Ozeki SDK without the trial version limitations.

License.txt file

Ozeki Camera SDK provides a fully understandable license agreement that covers all the possible cases for the SDK usage. You can see what benefits you gain by purchasing an Ozeki Camera SDK license by reading the License holder benefits page. If you have any questions about licensing, please check the Licensing FAQ or contact our sales department at info@camera-sdk.com.

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