How to use camera side motion detection in C#

This article is about demonstrating the definition of motion detection and explaining the theoretical background of camera side motion detection. For the viewer side motion detection implementation please visit our How to setup viewer side motion detection in C# page.

What is a Motion Detector?

A motion detector is a device that detects moving objects, particularly people and motion detection is the concept of detecting moving object on a video image. The detector is often integrated as a component of the system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user to the motion in an area.

Motion detection is widely used in domestic and commercial applications. One common everyday application is activation of automatic door openers in businesses or in security systems of public buildings.

motion detection
Figure 1 - Motion detection

Types of camera motion detection

We can implement two types of motion detection with Onvif cameras:

  • Viewer side motion detection

    This is a great solution if your camera device does not support motion detection directly on the device. In this case you need to detect motions on the software side with some image processing algorythms. Ozeki Camera SDK gives you great solution for detecting motion detections on the viewer side.
  • Camera side motion detection

    It is useful when you do not want to use the most of your CPU to image processing. Instead you can subscribe on the motion detection of the Onvif camera (if it is supported).

Camera side motion detection subscription

An average camera contains many events that a user can subscribe on. One of them is the motion detection event which occures when a motion is detected in the camera image or in a specified ROI. The camera is able to detect the motion with it's sensors. If the event occurs the user is notified and can react as he/she wishes.

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Below you can find the answers for the most frequently asked questions related to this topic:

  1. How can I get the URL of the camera?

    You can get the URL from the producer of the camera. (In the 10th tutorial you can find information on how to create an own IP camera discoverer program.)

  2. I moved my hand and it has not been detected. Why?

    The pixel intensity (sensitivity of movement) has a default value, but in the next chapter we will learn how to change it.

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